Art for Arts sake!

I have thought long and hard about the content of this my first blog but attending the opening evening of the Waikato Dio ArtX on Thursday night has sealed it.
There are many aspects of interior design that can make your house beautiful but putting art on your walls , shelves or in your garden gives a home personality and life. Art doesn't have to be expensive, created by professionals, bought especially to 'fit a space' or to match your furnishings.Pieces you love or those with sentimental history become so much more valuable. Framed photographs or children's artwork looks amazing grouped together. You can move it around or add pieces together to create a fresh look.
Photo by decor happy.blogspot.com
I have recently experienced two completely different exhibitions that have blown me away. A few months ago I was lucky enough to visit Gibbs Farm, Kaukapakapa. Alan Gibbs has created a wildlife/ sculpture park of such extraordinary proportions and magnificence it took my breath away. Each specially commissioned piece was designed to sit comfortably within its landscape, each was amazing and challenged the senses - it was a privilege to enjoy this experience.
Gibbs Farm - artist Richard Serra - Te Tuhirangi Contour
Gibbs Farm - artist Anish Kapoor, Dismemberment, Site 1
On Thursday evening (1st August) we attended Waikato Dio ArtX, a fundraiser exhibiting and selling artworks by students and local artists. The variety and styles were diverse and the standard surprisingly good. a drink or two was enjoyed, complimented by delicious nibbles created and served by year 13 food tech students. Today, at the end of the exhibition we collected our purchases - a photograph by year 13 student Brya Rathbone and a lovely print by local artist Kare Hill. Can't wait to find a home for them on my walls.
So people, please don't leave your spaces bare and lonely, fill them with items you love and your home will come alive and love you!
P.S. This week 7th - 11th August, it's the Auckland Art Fair, www.artfair.co.nz. A huge number of exhibitors, you don't need to buy anything but it is a great opportunity to view the NZ art scene.


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