Frequently Asked Questions

When considering whether to enlist the help of an interior designer, you'll no doubt have questions. I've compiled a list of the queries I most frequently receive, but feel free to get in touch for a chat - you can ask me anything.

Q: When should I hire an interior designer?

Involving your interior designer early in the process will usually give the best result, but if you've already started and have lost your way, we can still work together to make sure you end up with a look you'll love.

Q: I live outside of the Waikato - can you still work with me?

My preference is to work with clients within the Waikato and in Auckland, but technology is a wonderful thing and my most recent projects have included the complete redesign of a West London apartment for a client I've worked with several times before.

I offer a design service which includes 2D floor plan and 3D modelling so, once we have established dimensions and a few basic details, I can provide my virtual design to you online.

Q: Isn't it costly to hire an interior designer?

I have a completely transparent fee structure, which varies depending on the particulars of each project. Once we've discussed the outline of what you'd like my help with, I can provide you with a tailored quote.

Having access to wholesale pricing often allows me to achieve significant savings for clients, even after adding my fee (usually a percentage of the wholesale price).

Professional interior design advice can save you from making costly mistakes and help you to create a space that you will be happy to come home to for many years to come. I like to think of it as an investment.

Q: I'm not very good as visualising things - how will I know if your suggestions will work in real life?

I work with software that allows me to create designs in 2D and 3D plans, meaning you'll be able to have a virtual walk-through of your room or home. By including dimensions, door and window placements, and many other details, this method really brings design to life so you won't need to rely too heavily on your imagination to see how the end result will look.

Q: Will my product choice be limited if I work with an interior designer?

Some interior designers have arrangements with (or are attached to) particular suppliers but I work completely independently of such ties. I'm therefore able to offer a wide range of products from my huge and well established network of contacts and suppliers throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Q: Do you offer residential and commercial interior design services?

Much of my work is residential, and I also really enjoy the different kind of challenges that a commercial space brings - it must be functional, workable and give precisely the right impression to customers or clients.

I can help to ensure that your office, studio or meeting room accurately represents your brand and conveys exactly the right image for your business.

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